30 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello... I am 29 weeks pregnant my amniotic fluid gone high level 20... I have a risk of premature delivery

Answer: Hi. Yes dear. Premature delivery can happen but for now you need to be calm and be under doctors diagnosis. You'll also need to have regular nonstress testor ultrasounds for the rest of your pregnancy to monitor your baby's development. And you'll be watched closely for signs of preterm labor. There are chances of  gestational diabetes too so doctor will ask to go for diabeties test also. You'll be monitored carefully during labor as well. Because of the extra amniotic fluid, there's a greater risk of an umbilical cord prolapse (when the cord falls through the cervical opening) or a placental abruption when your water breaks. Both require an immediate c-section.
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Question: Hi, I am 27 weeks plus 3days pregnant. My doctor said that I have high amniotic fluid level, is there any high risk or is there any way to reduce the fluid level ?
Answer: Hi dear, During pregnancy,amniotic fluid is the protective barrier or cushion for your baby. Though we never think about it at initial stages of pregnancy,but later stages it becomes an important criteria to detect baby's health. Women with inadequate AFI and women with more AFI are both not normal for sure. More than normal ranges fluid could lead to preterm labor by increasing more pressure build up. It could also be due to few reasons: 1- mother's sugar level out of control 2-baby not swallowing enough fluid 3- baby producing excessive urine 4- swelling up in baby's body with excess fluid 5- genetic reasons Certain complications attached to this is preterm labor and Babies are also more likely to move into positions which aren’t ideal for birth. There are certain treatments for this .you can talk to your doctor if it is really required.
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Question: Hi, I m 28 weeks pregnant. Ultrasounds report shows high level of amniotic fluid.
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy. Little more fluid is nothing to worry as long as its in range. Minimise or avoid sodium intake and rest well, baby will be safe. I too had same problem but my son is born healthy. Don't worry. If you find any symptoms as discharge or pain please consult doctor. Please go through Healofy home page for tips, diet and many more they help us a lot. Take care
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Question: I am in 29 weeks preganancy my amniotic fluid level is 9.6 its okay or not?
Answer: It is at a lower side The AFI keeps on reducing as pregnancy grows Take 3 litres of water daily. Just monitor daily fetal kick count and follow up ur Dr regularly.. You can also talk to your doctor about l-arginine granules to increase the fluid.
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