24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello , i am 23 weeks pregnant. I want to travel pune to Hyderabad it is 13 hrs journey. Is it safe to travel in this period by train.

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Answer: Yes dear in train it is absolutely safe to travel innur second trimester. If your pregnancy is not having any complication then please go ahead but make sure u take the lower birth. Hope it helps.
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    Shrutika Goski1127 days ago

    Thank you for mam.

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Question: I am 25 weeks pregnant and wanted to know can I travel by car for 8 hours long journey . Is it safe ?
Answer: It is not very advisable...but if your travel is unavoidable, then take frequent breaks wile traveling...stop your car n stand for sometime or take a small walk ...change your position of sitting every half n hour once....be hydrated as travel might produce heat in your body.
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Question: I am 32 weeks pregnant. I want to travel to my mother's place which is 15hours long journey from my place. But as there is no corona outbreak there, I think I will be safe there.Shall I do the traveling??
Answer: Dear you will be safe even where you are if you stay in doors . I don't think the police is allowing any kind of travelling and the distance is also quite a lot. It is better to ask your doctor if your condition is fine for you to travel
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Question: Is it safe to travel by flight or train or any public transport after lock down??
Answer: Yes it is safe. But ensure that you don't have any type of problem regarding pregnancy and concern with your doctor before traveling anywhere.
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