28 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello I am 28 weeks pregnant.i m carrying twins..in this trimester i got bitot spots..what can I do for that? Is it harmful for me and my babies?

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Answer: Bitot spots are due to vit A def....try to intake liver in your diet if u r a non veg...as its a rich source of vit A...
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Question: Is it safe to have intercourse during pregnancy first trimester. I am in my 9th week and carrying twins
Answer: Hii should avoid sex in first trimester of pregnancy as it may led to miscarriage.  there can be some harmful effects of having sex in the first trimester. 1) As the foetus grows, the load on the cervix increases. In case you have cervical insufficiency(where the cervix is not strong enough), it is better to refrain from sex as sex will increase the pressure on the cervix. 2) It is risky to have sex if you have been diagnosed with Placenta Previa (a condition in which one portion of the placenta covers the cervix). Having sex with this condition may damage the placenta and place an enormous risk on the baby’s life. 3) Beware of STDs. One should be well aware of the partner’s sexual health and history before indulging in sex. It becomes all the more important at this point. If your partner has Hepatitis B or genital herpes, it may get transmitted to you and then to the baby.
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Question: Am carrying 8week.. My face got many dark patches what to do for that
Answer: Hello dear. Pigmentation is because of hormones fluctuation and is common in pregnancy. There are some amazing creams for curing pigmentation but its not ok during lactation. So you could go for natural home remedies. You have not mentioned your skin type. Lemon+curd+turmeric+honey. Apply a pack on face leave for 15 min and scrub gently and wash with luke warm water. Use aloe gel as moisturiser. you have many brands giving aloe gels. Put it in the fridge and apply cold aloegel. NEVER go out without sunscreen as it will make pigmentation darker. At night use the pack again and apply good amount of vitamin E cream. You can use ELOVERA.. its aloe vera and vitamin E. Hope it helps.
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Question: Hello friends..I am 12 weeks pregnant.I am facing smal pimples and spots on the face.what should I do
Answer: Hi! Every pregnancy has its own share of issues and pimples is one of them. Pls dont use any products. Go for the natural remedy. Mix Besan with haldi. In a mixer jar add tomato and some milk add the besan n haldi mix as well. Grind it into paste and use this every day or alternative days before bath. Keep it on face fr abt 15 to 20 mins and then wash. U will see amazing results also the redness will fade. Use olive oil in ur food also add curd/buttermilk to your diet. Hope this helps!
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