32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I am 31+weeks pregnant i had my ultra sound yesturday the placental localisation : Fundus /anterior reaching Internal os likely to migrate ... What does this mean ? What should i do?

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Question: Hello..I am 19weeks pregnant. I had my level 2 scan at 18 weeks which shows low lying placenta reaching upto the internal OS. What are the precautions needed at this stage and what are risks involved. Kindly guide.
Answer: Have full rest. Don't pick up heavy objects. Keep pillow below legs while lying. Don't stand for long. Have bed rest as much possible. Sleep on tilted bed(leg side of bed higher and head side lower). May God bless you with healthy baby.
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Question: My placenta is in posterior reaching internal os? What does this mean?Is anything to worry about?I m 18 weeks pregnant
Answer: ,this means youay get low lying placenta.if in your 22 Nd week scan the placenta is low ireans you have placenta pervia,and in that case you should take certain steps to be careful.and certain precautions.
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Question: Hello,I'm 19 weeks pregnant now 3 days before I had ultrasound and report shows presentation: breech, placenta : Anterior, low lying...lower placental edge is almost reaching the internal cervical OS,distance measures :0.59 cm. Plzz tell me what does it mean, is there any complication?no bleeding yet. .plzzz answer my question soon . I'm very tensed now
Answer: Plzz anyone answer my question
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