8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 7 weeks pregnant bit today i have seen little clotting during urination and there is pain in my lower abdomen, back and legs.. i am really worried.. can anyone help pls ???

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Answer: Pain in lower abdomen back and legs are common symptoms of pregnancy. Since its just clot of blodd and not a flow not to worry.
Answer: Same situation is mine... i m very worried now.. with my 1 daughter nothing happen like dis.. hope dis is just clot not period
Answer: Mild bleeding is common in early pregnancy. If Yu spot periods like bleeding then visit your gyno immediately.
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Question: I am facing lower back pain and little abdomen pain and today first time I have seen spotting too. I'm worrying if this is a sign of miscarriage.
Answer: Hello, spotting during pregnancy is common . if you notice any heavy menstrual kind of bleeding with abdominal cramps then you should be worried of . Due to hormonal changes and uterus expansion you will have these pains nothing to worry about. If you notice any heavy bleeding plz contact Ur gynaecologist.
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Question: To day i noticed brown discharge and a little bit lower abdomen pain...am worried
Answer: Dear Brown discharge is common in early pregnancy, the reason behind brown discharge could be color of the discharge that shows old blood. There will nothing to worry about in it .
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Question: Hello i am 7 weeks pregnant but today i have seen little clotting during urinating and pain in my lower abdomen, back and legs.. i m really worried pls help
Answer: Dear please consult doc immediately. Doc will ask for a scan and accordingly prescribe you progesterone medicine if needed
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