34 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello .. i am 34 weeks pregnant and ultrasound has shown single loop of cord around baby's neck. Is it safe for normal delivery?

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Answer: Single loop of cord will come out from.neck in next few ks. Its variable. Cant decide nw as u r just 34wks , if cord loop persists till labour then atill normal delivery is possible. But more than one loop is indication for c section. Dont worry you will have your scan at around 37wk so you will know at that time.
Answer: Dear single loop will not cause any harm to baby and normal delivery is possible with single loop..
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Question: Single loop of cord around baby's neck ,is it a problem for normal delivery?
Answer: Hie Single loop around the neck isn't unusual during pregnancy Scan would be done to check how loose is the cord around neck and accordingly decision is taken Normal delivery is possible they remove the cord while delivery so don't worry it's okay Take care of yourself and don't stress
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Question: Single loop of cord around the baby's neck..Will it be a problem for normal delivery
Answer: Hi dear! Single loop of cord srill hv a chance to slid through and hv normal delivery but in case of two or more loops u need to prepare fr C-Section delivery. Hope this helps!
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Question: Am 33 weeks pregnant and single loop of loose cord around the baby's neck, is it something to worry ??
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy single lose chord you need not worry about it there are chances of normal delivery too there are chances for it to become normal at the time of delivery doctor will check do not worry if you get any discomfort get checked do not neglect or delay
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