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Question: Hello.. I am 12 weeks pregnant and moderate subchorionic haemorrhage was noted in the usg. What are the precautions I should be taking?

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Answer: Hiii.....I'm also have same problem with 6th week pregnancy?? nothing can do just take bed rest
Answer: what treatment Yr Dr prescribe you
Answer: Plz take bed rest
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Question: I am 13 weeks pregnant. The scan showed mild subchorionic-haemorrhage. What Precautions should be taken? And I had mild intermittent pain below the umblicus few days back. Is it something to worry about?
Answer: Hi! Subchorionic Heamatoma is common in a lot of pregnancies generally progesterone supplements are given either to consume or vaginal insertion and bed rest, in many cases its resolved on their own in the next scans. Hence please discuss it with your Doctor and follow his instructions, you may experience bleeding or spotting till the time it dissolves and pain in pregnancy is causes by a lot of stretching of other organs or muscles because your body gets prepared for birth, but if its more and you think its intolerable you can discuss it with your Obgyn. Hope you feel better soon!
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Question: I had subchorionic haemorrhage in my early pregnancy 7weeks Now am 25 weeks pregnant will it affect my delivery?
Answer: hi dear! so it will depend on the size of the subchorionic hemorrhage dear. if the size is bigger then it can create problem for the baby and if the size is smaller then there is no problem dear.you will have to keep a track on it through the scans and most women with it have a healthy child. take care dear.
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Question: I did my first scan today at 9 weeks. It showed mild subchorionic-haemorrhage. What care should be taken to prevent it further and what is the treatment?
Answer: Your doc would have suggested you to stay at rest and no travel at all. Follow these words and medication given. Stay stress free and happy.. take care
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