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Question: Hello I am 9 weeks pregnant and in my sonograpfy report one line is written as 'corpus luteum seen in left ovary'. What does it means ?

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Answer: Corpus luteum normally occurs in pregnant and non pregnant women.  If pregnancy occurs it will help in implantation and growth of the fertilized egg. In non pregnant it usually decays in 10 days to 2 weeks  after ovulation.
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    Dipssss km880 days ago

    It is normal or abnormal mam?Do i need to take tension?

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Question: Hello, my ultrasound report shows corpus luteum 19.8×15.7mm in left ovary. Is there any risk of it??
Answer: hello in my first usg reported 1 corpus leutium cyst size i dont remember my dr. told me that there is no risk to my baby but if i had sharp pain imidiately report to dr. but thank god i didint feel any pain then in my 2nd usg at 7 week it appear in both ovaries means now i had 2 cyst in both ovaries but dr. told same thing but after that i had usg at 13 week and both cyst goes out now i dont hv any cyst and im in 17 week its not the thing to worry but stay aware if feel any sharp pain imidiately goto dr. and take dr. advice wat she says sometime things different with the different person but i also hv a riski pregnancy i hv triplets in very short or thin body dr. advice me to reduce the 1 baby but i decide to continue with three im mother i cant dedide to reduce my own baby noooo never its my positive thoughts or faith on god take me here in 4th week i hv many more problems but always positive my motive to say this is if you or yr will power be strong then nothing can harm ur baby so b positive stay strong i wish ur cyst will dissapear too all the very best
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Question: Corpus luteum is seen in right ovary.. What does it mean in an ultrasound report?
Answer: Hi dear, It is definitely normal and also a positive sign of good pregnancy. The follicle which has released the egg gets shrunk , shrivelled , yellow because of leutein deposition and gets called corpus leuteum. C L in the ovary produces lot of progesterone hormone which in turn supports pregnancy till the formation of the placenta. Once placenta is formed, it will take over the role of C L and starts producing progesterone.
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Question: Hi...i am 9 weeks pregnant n my ultrasound report says my right ovary appears normal and left ovary shows a corpus luteum cyst measuring 23.4 mm what does this mean?
Answer: Hi dear,actually corpus luteum is a follicle or gland which sectrets hormone to make u ready for pregnancy. If you don’t get pregnant, the corpus luteum will usually break down and become reabsorbed by the body. But if you are pregnant, the corpus luteum may fill with blood or fluid and turn into a cyst.but don't worry it is common and harmless and will disappear on it's own ,but in some cases it needs surgery as it cause ovarian rupture.
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