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Question: Hello i am 22 week pregnant with twins and my cervix lenght is 4.6. Dr has suggested me to go for cervical cerclage.. pls suggest me is it necessary to take?

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Answer: 2nd opinion take... mine also twins pregnancy...33w running...don't have cervical cerclage
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Question: I am 29 th week pregnant with twins my cervical lenght is ,15 mm is it any premature babies born
Answer: Hi dear the cervical length when you are not pregnant should be for 25 cm long now once the pregnancy starts advancing your uterus and the growing baby also put a lot of pressure on the cervix hence it starts to dilate but if it is 1.5 CM or 15 millimetre for you at this moment of 29th week of pregnancy it is serious because the cervix is too short your doctor might suggest you to go through cervical cerclage to save the baby from premature birth so if your doctor is suggesting it please go ahead and get it done, and also since you know that you have cervical Incompetence you need to take a lot of bed rest no intercourse no lifting heavy weights etc. Hope this helps!
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Question: hello..i am 13 week pregnant and my doc suggested me for cervical stich as my cervix is short.Is they anything to worry. what precautions should i take
Answer: If ur cervix will be small u can't do normal delivery. So listen to ur doctor. This injection is important for you. Don't worry all will be good.
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Question: am 22 week my cervical lenght is 3.5 is it ok
Answer: it's normal. mera bhi 23 week chal raha hy or mera length 3.6 hai lakin mai jada bhythke kaam nahi karti
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