36 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello I am 33 week pregnant.. ok usg my baby weight is 1860grms n breach position... is it safe

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Answer: Yes baby weight is fine but breech position means bottom down position...normal delivery gets difficult in such a scenArio
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Question: Hello I am 34 week pregnant n my baby weight is 1598 kg is it ok???
Answer: Hi dear your baby weight is a bit less approx weight of baby at 34 week of pregnancy should be 2.1 kg . so start having protein rich food for that include milk and Milk products have at least 500 ml of milk with protein powder also have egg meat, pulses, dryfruits, fruits, green veggies etc in your diet have small meals in every 2 hour and also have at least 2 litre to 4 litre of water on daily basis
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Question: I am 33 weeks pregnant and my baby is in breach position. What should i do
Answer: You should not worry as baby's rotate mire from week 30 the to week 38 th So we should hope for the best Also drink at least 2.5 lt water every day to help baby activity Yoga poses such as side bending and shavasan squats help in baby's rotation Do not worry
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Question: Hi I am 33 week pregnant I am baby weight 1895 grm is it ok
Answer: Hiyour baby weight is fine dear. Approx weight of baby at 33 week should be 1.9 kg. So having protein rich diet will help you in maintaining and gaining weight of baby. So have 500ml of milk with protien powser, also add dry fruits, fruits pulses, green veggies in your diet.
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Question: Hi ..i am 33 week pregnant and my baby is still in breach position ? What should i possibly do ? What if my baby dont turn its position ?
Answer: Hi, Fifty % of breech fetuses at 34 weekswill turn by themselves to head down by 38 weeks. Therefore, to be considered effective, a technique for turning breech must turn the baby and keep it turned more than 50% of the time. ... Most women experience the fetus turning by hand as quick but very painful.
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