24 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, i am 22nd week pregnant my baby weight is 400g is it is okay or else what i should do to increase my baby weight ?

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Answer: Have healthy food, eat dryfruits, fruits.. consume plenty of water
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Question: i am 22nd week pregnant my baby weight is low. now what can i do for increase my baby weight
Answer: getting proper nutrition, minimizing stress, getting plenty of rest and avoiding all stimulants, including caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, to promote fetal growth are the important things to be taken care for increasing weight of baby .  Protein Protein is important to a baby's overall development, especially her brain. The choices are vast when selecting healthy proteins, including almonds, lean poultry, lean beef, low-mercury fish and dairy foods, including cheese, milk and yogurt. Include at least one protein source, such as low-fat cheese or peanut butter, in each meal and snack to promote fetal growth. Carbohydrate Many empty calorie foods are primarily carbohydrates. These type of carbohydrates should be minimized as they can cause a pregnant woman to gain unnecessary weight and provide little to no nutrition to the mother or baby. skipping foods like salads and broccoli and replacing them with more caloric-dense foods like legumes, hearty cereals or dried apricots. Some vegetables, such as white potatoes, corn and peas, are fine in moderation but are part of the starch food group. Five to six servings of vegetables and six to eight servings of healthy grains are recommended by the American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. These servings vary for each woman depending on the number of calories she needs to consume. Sugar Fresh fruit makes a great snack during pregnancy and provides the mother and baby with healthy sugar. Desserts are high in sugar and don't provide the mother or baby with essential nutrients. Sugar-free foods like gelatin are safe in moderation, but it is best to calm a sweet tooth with fresh fruits or even dark chocolate. Two to three servings of healthy sugars is adequate. Limit sweets to one small serving of about 100 calories per day. These type of calories will do very little to improve the weight of the baby but can add unnecessary weight to the mother.
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Question: My baby is 8 months old and his weight is 6.5kgs.is it okay? I think he is low weight. What should I do to increase his weight
Answer: I can understand how worried you must be Diet plays a major role in healthy weight gain of baby See that baby gets dairy products such as whole milk, curd, paneer, chess for calcium which is needed for baby bone and teeth All vegetables fruits especially seasonal fruits help a lot in development of baby De worming also helps a lot for healthy weight gain if baby by removing worms Some babies will be lower in weight due to heridetary Nothing to worry as long as baby is active Take care
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Question: Iam 30weeks pregnant now.. Wen i took scan last week my baby weight s 1374g.. Is it fine or what should I do to increase my baby weight
Answer: Eat more protien rich fud like nuts, dried fruits, green leafy veggies, egg and milk..
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