8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello...I am 8 week pregnant..in ultrasound baby is near left cornu of uterus.Is it safe to have this ? While doing work for long time i feel some pain in left side of my lower belly...

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Answer: Hello! It is absolutely normal. The egg can fertilised anywhere in the uterus. It is generally adviced not to stand for long hours during pregnancy. Try to take rest like sit down or walk a bit after every 30mins.
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    Kamlesh Saraswat984 days ago

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Question: I am 9 week pregnant with Twins. I feel pain in lower abdomen some time in right side and some time in left side is it normal
Answer: Hi dear, Too much pain in initial stages could be due to uterus expansion.i donot think there is anything to worry about.since the whole hormonal surge is new to your body,and it takes time to get used to it.your uterus keep expanding as your pregnancy progresses,also pushing the neighboring organs and pressing the adjacent nerves etc,meanwhile your pelvic bones starts relaxing more,loosening your joints too.this whole process gives such pain.and each body experiences in a different way.i never had such pains though,but many pregnant ladies suffer with such harmless pain.but if the pain is severe and you feel something is not right,please donot hesitate to check with your doctor.
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Question: I'm 18th week pregnant.some time in left lower abdominal pain occurs and some time right side .this pain is common in pregnancy or harmfull because in left side i feel also pain some time
Answer: Its round ligament pain...due to growing uterus it happens...try to sit slowly and get up slowly and avoid any jerk movements...
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Question: I feel sharp pain in my left side of near rib caze.when i lay on bed.and i touch my belly on this point .i feel pain.
Answer: This usally happens when baby is in breech position(head up)..by week 32 - 35 baby head may b down
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