39 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 38 week pregnant.I am having frequent urination now..after 10min.even i can not control till i reach bathroom..some sticky colourless discharge is also found after urination.but no labour pain yet..what should I do now?

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Answer: Ur delivery time is near...be ready 👍 mujhe bhi labour pain nhi hua tha...bas water bag leak hua tha..thn i went to hospital..
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Question: Dr i am 38 week s pregnant. I have frequent urination , after urine i notice some milky white discharge . plz help i am so warried it.
Answer: Hi, white discharge can beucus plug which is the sign that your body is getting ready for labor.tbwre is nothing to worry even frequent urine is the sign of body getting into labor.all the best
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Question: I am having frequent urination nd white discharge I'm urine wt is the reason is it a sign of labour ??
Answer: Consult your Dr. Immediately before your water in Sac becomes less
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Question: I am 8 weeks pregnant and I am having slight andominal pain and pressure while urination and frequent urination also . Is it normal ?
Answer: Hi! Visiting the loo frequently in pregnancy is very common, it can start as early as in first trimester and go till second trimester as well. The frequent loo visit is due to your expanding uterus which puts pressure on your bladder. This pressure remains almost same till the time baby is delivered. Dont worry this is normal and part of the pregnancy journey. Good luck!
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