9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 9 week pregnant. Can I take nutrilite calcium of Amway? Which other products I can take in which trimester?

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Answer: Hello dear in the first trimester you will need folic acid and vitamin tabs. From second trisemester you need iron & calcium tabs. You can have always products but you have to consult with doctor seek advice.
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    Gitesh Manhotra385 days ago

    Hello dear. In first trimester you only need folic acid tablets.. from second trimester you need iron calcium and protein powder.. Even i was taking amway products but they don't help to increase hb and calcium which is mandatory in pregnancy.. so you can take one tablet of amway cherry iron with other iron which doctor prescribes in the morning and in the same way take amway calcium with alopathic calcium in the night. This is because Amway products maintain the requirements that our body needs but in pregnancy we need to increase our iron and calcium levels for better development of baby.

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Question: Mam can I take Calcium tablets of AMWAY Nutrilite during my 1.5 month of pregnancy?
Answer: Hello dear, Congratulations on your pregnancy. Please consult a gynaecologist before taking any medicine, as some medicines may have side effects on you as well as your baby. Never take any medication without consulting your gynaecologist during your pregnancy or during breastfeeding. Hope this is helpful !
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Question: Hi, I am 11 weeks pregnant. Can i take Amway products during pregnancy? Which Amway products are safe?
Answer: Hi. Although amway products are fine to have. But always consult your doctor about the medication you want to start. In pregnancy you can have iron , calcium and protien powder from amway.
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Question: Hi... Is it safe to take Amway Nutrilite Products i.e. Nutrilite Protein, Calcium, Iron Folic, Nutrilite Daily Supplement etc. during pregnancy (14 weeks now) ?
Answer: Dear you need to consult the doctor before taking any of the supplements during pregnancy. I did take some but only after confirming with my gynae. Hope it helps.
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