7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 8 week pregnant can I take chia seeds.is it healthy for pregnant women

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Answer: Kindly avoid it aa it led to the losing of weight .During pregnancy u need to gain it.
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Question: Hi, chia seeds are good for healthy pregnancy?? Which month onwards I can take chia seeds with water? What are the uses
Answer: Hi dear, Chia seed is a super food for pregnant women. the seeds contains many key nutrient that important for a healthy pregnancy. in fact, just two tablespoon of chia seec supply nearly all the additional daily calories and nutrients needed during the early pregnancy. you can eat Chia seeds from first trimester ti entire pregnancy. Chia seed can help replenish your body and keep both you and your baby healthy. it contains Omega 3 fatty acids which help in your baby's brain development it has all the nutrients that present in nuts but less fat. Chia seed is a healthy option to substitute nuts. hope this information will help you.
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Question: Hello mam pregnant women can take chia seeds?
Answer: Hello dear. Chia seeds are safe during pregnancy and actually boost the chances of a healthy delivery. 2 tablespoons of Chia seeds alone will meet your calorific and nutritional needs. Additionally, Chia seeds contain iron and calcium, both of which are essential minerals needed during pregnancies. Take care.
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Question: Hi i am 35weeks pregnant , chia seeds can take during pregnant time
Answer: Hello! Chia seeds can be taken in moderation. There are very nutritious and adding it to your porridge and all helps to increase its nutritional value. Take care
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