15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, i am 13 week pregnant and i am feeling very much exhausted even though my vomiting has stopped. Not willing to eat food even if i get hungry. No food, calcium and iron supplements makes me tired and week. What should i have so that my energy level will increase. Plz guide

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Answer: Same was the case with me, take Ur supplements prescribed by Dr properly. Eat whatever u like to eat. I used to eat idli, fruits, salads. Mujhe Chapatti se aversion ho gya tha, Mann ni krta tha khane ko. Main mrng ek stuffed paranthe, afternoon mein ek Chapatti and dinner mein ek Chapatti leti thi. Eat with dal or veggie u like the most, take lots of curd,I used to c recipes from hebbars kitchen you tube and make delicious snacks. Eat plenty of fruits u like, keep Ur self hydrated, drink coconut water ( if green coconut not able then buy real ka coconut water from market).
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    Doctor Deulgaon Mahi30 days ago

    Thanks a lot dear...i will start having whatever i like...learn recipes ..

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Question: since today i am not having any morning sickness and even not vomiting. but i am feeling hungry and willing to eat different things while before this i was even not willing to eat anything. is everything all right.
Answer: everything is alright dear. It is hormonal to have craving in pregnancy
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Question: Hiii..i am feeling tired n exhausted all day..not willing to hv my food..don't know what should I do?
Answer: It's quite normal. Pls have little by little food.
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Question: Now I am 50 days pregnant but I am feeling very tired and vomiting sensation and also feeling very much hungry all time
Answer: hi dear ! so dear vomitting sensation(nausea) is very normal and it will stay till 3rd month of pregnancy . so dont worry about it. if its so bothering you then there are some tablets which will stop the nausea for that you will have to consult your doctor he will prescribe you ondensetaron (emeset) either an injection or a tablet will be given dear. and about the tiredness then you will have to taken your vitamins properly and have a good meal. dont worry about being so hungry all the time .it is completely normal so dont worry . eat what ever you feel like eating no problem at all. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you dear!
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