8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I am unable to sleep properly after taking 3-4 hours sleep in night?

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Answer: Hello dear. You may lose sleep during pregnancy for a variety of reasons. Whatever the reason may be, it is important to understand that insomnia is not harmful to your baby. Insomnia during pregnancy is normal and affects most pregnant women. It would settle down gradually. Here are the few remedies : Try new sleeping positions. Prepare yourself for bedtime by taking a warm bath or receiving a nice massage. Set up your room for a comfortable sleep setting. Take care.
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Question: Hello am pregnant now 4 weeks 4 days couldn't able sleep in night properly why
Answer: Hi dear first of all I wud say please stop worrying and being anxious everything is well and everything will happen fine your anxiety could be one of the reason for sleeplessness at night because at 5 weeks means at this early stage there is no such complication in the body or no such indigestion or things like u will most likely start facing around 7 weeks of your pregnancy so by this time I would say please have light dinner have warm bath have a nice head massage if you want and listen to music and go off to sleep.. Hope this helps
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Question: Hello maam ,i am unable to sleep in after noon and also at night ,plz suggest some solution
Answer: Hello... During pregnancy,due to harmonal changes, bulging uterus,you may not get enough sleep,try these steps,hope it helps you.. Drink warm milk,before bed,it will promote you a good sleep Take bath with warm water,before bed,so that you will have an peaceful sleep After dinner,make a habit of walking 15 min, regularly During bed time,listen to good music,or read good books,it will make your mind relaxed and promotes good sleep
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Question: My baby won't sleep properly in the night....used to wake up after every 3 hours..
Answer: Hello dear Don't get tensed, some babies won't sleep throughout night time,it is common in new born babies upto few months,check whether the baby is feeling any discomfort, be patience A calm and quiet environment is required for baby to sleep,it is important to set up a nap routine settle her self
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