4 months old baby

Question: Hello i am traveling by flight tomorrow with my little one. Any precautions to keep in mind. She is on formula.

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Answer: hii,you should first consult wid ur doctor b4 take a flight.bcoz the air pressure of flight can b harmful for both of u..if she is new born then i guess u should avoid to fly..it can bring breathing problems to hr n u as well..so first consult n den have a nice flight..take care ..
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Question: I will traveling by flight with my 5 month old baby.what precautions do i need to take ?
Answer: Some tips for Diaper Bag when youbare travelling with your infant:- 1.) Even on a short flight it’s inevitable that a baby will need a diaper change. Budget one nappy per 2 hours of travel and then added a few extras for those special, multiple diaper style toilet moments!! 2.) A changing mat:  A portable, wipe clean changing mat is invaluable. It’s nice to have a clean surface to lay the baby down on and it also provides a little padding for the baby from the hard airplane surfaces. Most baby bags include a changing mat but, if not, pick up a separate travel mat 3.) Slimline wet wipe dispenser: our Water Wipes come in packs of 60 which are a little bulky for toilet trips so we use a slimline wet wipe dispenser to store our water wipes. 4.) Ziploc with nappies and wet wipes: squeezing into a tiny airplane bathroom with a baby and their changing essentials can take some manoeuvring so it helps to have a mini changing bag ready for the toilet visit with at least 2 diapers: you can put one  under the baby’s head for protection against the hard surface. 5.) Spare Ziplocs: ziploc bags are super convenient for travel – we use them for storage, organising clothes and diaper storage and holding medicines that might spill. Stock up! 6.) Muslin Cloths: I never understood why muslin cloths were an essential until our baby arrived! We use them for everything from burping to covering surfaces to protecting clothes during feeding. They pack up small so pack plenty for your flight. 7.) Pillow: feeding pillows can add comfort are a great addition for long haul flights especially if it helps your baby fall asleep. Lightweight Nursing Scarf: if you would like some added privacy pack a lightweight nursing scarf which can be used for  8.) Sterilised bottles: bring enough sterilised bottles for the duration of the door to door travel based on how your baby is feeding in the lead up to the flight. 9.) Formula dispenser: a formula dispenser is invaluable when travelling with a formula fed baby. It saves time, is much less messy than measuring out formula on an airplane and fits neatly into a baby bag. Pack two of these 4 feed dispensers and an extra tub of formula in case of delays. 10.) Flask of water. For long haul flights: supplement the larger flask with two of these slimline 1 liter flasks. They don’t maintain the temperature quite as well so use this water first 11.) Baby First Aid Kid Airplane travel can be tough on babies so it’s important to have all your first aid essentials in the cabin. a.) Thermometer:  thermometer is a must for any travel. a.) Medicines: pack any medicines your baby uses regularly. I pack a paracetamol/acetaminophen based medicine and an ibuprofen based liquid medicine in case of fever, a nasal decongestant spray and some gripe water.  c.) Extra syringes for baby medicines: it’s challenging to keep all the baby equipment sterile so we bring along a supply of extra syringes 12.) Hand sanitizer and antibacterial wipes 13.) Baby Blanket 14.) A toy and a book 15.) Spare clothes for you Hope this helps.
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Question: Greetings again. My baby girl is 5 months old. I'm travelling this week by flight. Any precautions or tips i can keep in mind while travelling ?
Answer: Carry cotton plugs to put it in her ears at take off n landing. Also u can feed the baby both tyms so that they do not feel uncomfortable.
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Question: things to keep in mind while baby is totally on formula feed
Answer: Hi dear, first maintain hygeneity of bottols.Bottles, nipples, caps and ringsshould be sterilized for safeformula feeding by boiling for at least five minutes before using for the first time. After that, thorough washing in hot water with soap should be sufficient. Once the bottle is filled, wash and dry it again. For powdered formula you should boil the measured water, pour it into a clean bottle, and add the measured amount of formula. Don’t let the water cool below 70 C to ensure dangerous bacteria are killed. Dont over feed your baby.
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