25 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello..i am suffering from consumptions problem and also my poop is too hard. What to do??

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Answer: Helo dear..drink warm water early morning,and add fibre rich foods in your diet..eat more fruits,less spicy foods
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Question: I have headache...and i also suffering from constipation..my tummy is too hard to touch.
Answer: Hiiiiii dearr...it's normal during pregnancy time..you must intake plenty of water it's cure headache..also take energy boosting fuds like..fruits...vegetables...milk products...thus can be avoided headache ... include fiber content fuds like oats.. bananas.. banana flower..green leafy vegetables ...this can be decrease constipation..also notice to aviod coffee breads products...can cause constipation..take care
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Question: Hello my baby is 2mnth 25days old,she suffering from constipation and today had pass hard poop also bleeding from anas.plz suggest some tips to get smooth poop
Answer: Hello dear... To get rid of babys constipation, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Feed your baby in regular intervals, will make her hydrated and also helps in pooping easily, Can also give tummy massage to baby in circular motion, will make her to poop, you can also give warm water bath, and make baby practice for some movement like bicycle will be effective
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Question: My baby's poop is green and quite hard from few days... please suggest what to do
Answer: Hllo dear ur baby s 7 months old dear while taking solids green poop s normal .Teething can also bring about green stools due to increased saliva (can also cause tummy upset) a lot of green vegetables or something with green food coloring in mom's diet. If baby has started solids, that could also account for the change in color this is normal with the change in diet.
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