29 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am pregnant with twins. What will be the estimated weight at 28 weeks

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Question: How the labour pain is? I m 28 weeks pregnant with twins. Everybody says with twins delivery will be early is it true? ,
Answer: Hello! Not necessary dear. It varies from pregnancy to pregnancy. However, it is always better that you have delivery on or after 37 weeks as by this time the development of the baby is complete and it is considered to be a full term baby. Also please avoid hearing labor stories with a bad experience or better to completely hear it. Face everything as it comes which is much better. Take care
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Question: Hello doctor!! I am 28 weeks pregnant what should be the weight of the baby?
Answer: Hi dear For 28 weeks of fetal weight should be 990 grams, but as we all are different with each other,weight of baby will also be different, plus or minus ,maintain your healthy diet .take care
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Question: I am 28 weeks pregnant, the estimated fital weight of my baby is 1119+_(plus minus) 163gms. What its mean?
Answer: Hello dear, it means that your baby is 1119 grams or 1.1kgs...
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