32 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i am 31weeks pregnant i just wanted to know that how do I know that what kind of delivery will i have normal or c section

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Answer: Hi,this depends day in many factors ,it can't be decided as if now. Unless yes,you have low lying placenta then you may necessarily have to go in for a csec Else it depends in the labor the other medical issues faced during the due date period Also it depends on the position of the baby. If it is breech then you will have to go in for csec
Answer: Hello! It is not possible to tell for anyone that what kind of delivery will you have. Even if you have a smooth pregnancy, still it depends on many factors. Hence, would request you to walk a lot and have balanced diet with plenty of water. Take care
Answer: There is nothing like that it all depends at the time of delivery.
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Question: How can i come to know that my delivery will be normal or c section??
Answer: Dear normal delivery depends on too many factor which cannot be predicted earlier. Like baby is engaged in time, cervix is dilated enough for the labor to start, amnuitic fluid level is apt as per the pregnancy. If all goes well you can have a normal delievry. Trust me it is based on my personal experience I ate healthy, was not overweight, no complications in pregnancy, absolutely healthy pregnancy I had and did all the exercises told by my gynae however my baby did mnot take the head down position and my cervix did not get dilated enough and my fluid level went extremely low. So just focus on your health and everything else leave it on god. Hope i helped.
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Question: Am 5 weeks pregnant,just wanted to know what kind of physical exercise i can do during 1st trimester
Answer: Walking and yoga( breathing exercise) is best physical activity which you can do in pregnancy. Don't do hard physical exercises. Walk slow and when ever you feel discomfort take rest and then walk.
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Question: Hello..i wanted to know that after how days of c section i can use corselt belt..plz suggest
Answer: Congratulations on your pregnancy dear That depends on your stitches dear As soon as your stitches heal you can start using belt dear For this you need to consult doctor dear Take care
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