17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i am 16weeks pregnant.I had a little blood discharge 2 days ago after that I went to the doctor and the ultrasound was done everything was fine but there was a small sch less than 1 cm. The doctor then increased the dosage of Duphaston and restarted my gestone injections to every alternate day. After that since last two days I do not have any bleeding but I have had two dark brown clots one day before yesterday and one today morning.Do you think it is the same old blood or I should go to the doctor again for the scan. Thank you.

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Question: Hello.. Post delivery i was feeling like drowsyness.. It was increasing day by day.. I had a MRI scan and doctor told me i have some blood clots in head. Is this common and is it major. Plz response me
Answer: It's not common and need proper medical assistance. As clots may reach the brain and so more damage. Do follow your doctor and definitely see a specialist.
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Question: Hi its my 4th month and doctor prescibed an gastric tablet named pan40 one in a day ,i had a severe gastric pain and took one in the morning, has the problem existed took another in the evening...this worries me as doctor prescibed one tab a day i took two..will that have any adverse effect or side effects..please do reply.thanks
Answer: It's better to take one tab only and try ginger tea, mint leaves boiled water or coriander boiled water. It will reduce gas problem
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Question: Hello ma'am. I am 16 weeks pregnant. I had little bleeding at 2 days before. Went to the doctor, the doctor did the scan and everything was ok . My duphaston dosage was increased and gestone injections were restarted to every alternate days. Again yesterday, i had a dark brown blood clot without any bleeding. Do you think i should go to the doctor again for the ultrasound scan or will everything be ok. I am obese.
Answer: Better go to checkup as after medication also it is happen prefer visit it will be good.
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