33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello,i am 8month pregnant.got afi 17and baby is still in breech condition.what should be done so that baby goes to head down position.also to reduce my afi.

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Answer: Normal AFI is in between 8-18 so urs AFI is normal nothing to worry about it. There is no such method to do to convert the baby position it's up them whether they change it's position in the coming weeks or not
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Question: I am 33 weeks along and my baby is still in breech position..should I be worried..will the baby turn head down here after?
Answer: Hey, do not worry, still there are chances that the baby will turn its position and come to cephalic position if 36 weeks baby do not change the position of the head then it is difficult after that
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Question: Hello dr. I am 32week pregnant.my baby is still in breech position.how can i turn to head down position.also my amonitic fluid is 17.is it ok
Answer: We can't do anything with baby's position for now. Baby will get fixed in the pelvic bone only after 37 weeks. You have time until that
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Question: Hi.. i am Hema. I am in 34 weeks. Still my baby is not in head down position. What can be done for that?
Answer: Dont worry dear...for me its happend on 38th week.... Do excercise n house hold work....walking for 30min daily...
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