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Question: Hello.. I am not sure about my pregnancy. because I took a test but my pregnancy line had faint. I had taken a test 3 or 4 times. but period was missing which came on 22 nd March

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Answer: You must know by urine test kits. They are very sensitive and shall catch hcg instances. However, if you want to be sure then get a blood test to clearly confirm.
Answer: A positive is a positive be it faint or dark. But 2ait for another week and repeat the test. Else get a blood test done after a week.
Answer: Secretly answer my questions
Answer: Dr. Se consult kariye
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Question: I missed my period nd I take a pregnancy test which show one faint line nd nd my period date is 3jan but abhi tk nhi hua
Answer: hi, do u mean to say one dark and one faint line order just one faint line. I would suggest u to again do a pregnancy test. If that also comes negative visit a doctor.
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Question: Dr my last period was 9 aug, i took the test got faint line but yes visible ,but i am not sure what to do?
Answer: Hii dear congratulation. Faint line still indicates u r pregnant. Now u should consult doctor as u need to get ur body checkup done.At the first prenatal visit, the doctor will confirm the pregnancy. In addition, further tests are carried out including: weighing, urine, measuring blood pressure, and haemoglobin determination. The doctor will draw blood to determine your blood group and rhesus factor and further tests will be carried out to screen for HIV and rubella, along with other potentially dangerous diseases.The focus of this appointment, however, is mainly on the advice. The doctor will discuss possible risks and give advice regarding nutrition and other pregnancy related issues. Of course you also have the opportunity to ask the questions that you have regarding your pregnancy.
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Question: My lmp was 2 march i have taken pregnancy test on 25 march which shows two lines in kit but now today on 27 i again took test which shows only one line
Answer: I think u should wait will 6-8 April to confirm your pregnancy, some kits cant detect so early, hcg levels need to be more, till den take care n rest
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Question: My last period was dec 13... Still now i didn't get my periods...i took a pregnancy test on 15th jan a very faint line occured it means??
Answer: hi dear ! dear faint lines in the pregnancy kit means the hcg is not sufficient enough in the urine to get detected by the kit. as the pregnancy kit shows positive result if done within 2 weeks as it takes time for the beta hcg to get detected in the urine. so best advise would be to go for beta hcg blood test and the hcg is already present in the blood within 1 week . so go for this test. and also if the values of beta hcg is > 25 , it will confirm the pregnancy if <5 , then there is no pregnancy and if between 5-24 it means its a grey area which means that the test will have to be performed again. take care dear ! i hope this information was helpful to you !
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