22 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello I am 5 month pregnant my tsh level is 4.85 or rbc is 3.86 and wbc is 12000 these results are harmful

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Answer: hello.. dear your tsh level is little high.. your doctor might suggest you t3 and t4 levels..rest rbc and wbc count is good.. trust and follow your doctor suggestions..
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Question: My rbc morphology is normocytic normochromic and wbc morphology is mild neutrophilic leukocytes...I got these results...Is this is normal result??can anyone plz suggest...
Answer: Hi.. this is absolutely normal. Normocytic means rbc is of normal morphology & normochromic means rbc has got normal concentration of haemoglobin N there wil be mild neutrophilic leukocytes.. which is very much normal in pregnancy
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Question: My tsh level is 3.14 I am 13 weeks pregnant is it harmful?
Answer: No problem for that .U can use thyroid tablets .it is comman for some women in pregnant time.even me also face the same problem now iam okay it is controlled .Even u r controlled with that problem .U can use the tablets until doctor said stop that .
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Question: I am 11 week pregnant. I got my thyroid test report. T4 level is 2.8 and TSH level is 4.4 . My TSH level are high. I am worried
Answer: Immideatly consult doctor and as per my knowledge there would be some injection which you need to take .so consult the doctor asap
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