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Question: Hello.. I am 3 month + pregnant and my uterus is partially septated .Sometimes I feel ponited pain in my stomach also. Doctor said it May be results in pre term delivery. So I just want to know about the rest month progress. How it will affect me or my baby? What should I do to keep my baby healthy. Thank you.

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Answer: hello dear septate uterus is a congenital condition in which a thin membrane called a septum divides the uterus, either partially or completely. While the condition does not affect a woman's ability to conceive, it can impact a pregnancy's outcome. infants born before 37 weeks are considered as preterm.. dont worry dear your baby will progress slowly after birth also.. just make sure you feed your baby well for every two hours..be strong and positive and healthy..
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    Priyanka Sharma1275 days ago

    Thank you. Supriya

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Question: Hi all, I'm in my 10th week now & sometimes experience sharp shooting pain in stomach just around the belly. the pain is unbearable and I'm unable to move for sometime. it subsides in 10-15mins after I rest but I want to know if this is normal or do I need to get it checked? thank you in advance.
Answer: U can consult ur doctor. Ur symptoms looks like labour pain. Bt ur in 11th week. Explain this to ur doctor as soon as possible and know the reason behind this.
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Question: today I saw white discharge in my urine as I got scared y it's so...does it mean I may early pre term labour😯
Answer: Don't panic...It's very normal....I too experienced the same..But my baby born on her due date....
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Question: Hello all! I am 32 weeks now. Scan is pending..just wanted to know what is low-lying placenta and how it may affect my delivery method? Also how to know if i have it or not. Thank you!!
Answer: Hello dear,It is ok for weight to stay either stagnant or even loose slighly during the first trimester due to the excess vamiting,nausea,loss of appetite etc due to hormonal changes in the bodySince you have gained 2 kgs,by the 16th week,it is actually a good start.Check your bmi using this formula weight(in kg)/Height (in meter square).If your bmi was normal before pregnancy-your total ideal weight gain during pregnancy would be 10-15 kgs. If it was lower than normal-your total weight gain would be 15-20 kgs ideally. In your case I am guessing it is low bmi,so try gaining about 15 kgs atleast throughout pregnancy. Include a lot of protein,healthy fats and calcium rich food in your diet-chicken,egg,paner,tofu,soyabean,lentils,2 glasses of milk,dryfruits like almont/walnut/figs in your daily routine.
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