15 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello, I am in 14 weeks of pregnancy, i am in an urgency to travel my native about 600 km. By train 12 hours + 2 hour by road; by flight 1 hour + 4 hour by road to reach home... Is it safe to travel at 14 weeks, if so which is preferable trsin or flight? I have back pain from 7 th week.

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Answer: You can travel with your gynecologist's permission, there is one injection that you can take before journey.
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Question: Now i am in 12 weeks .. Shall i travel by train ? Its about 400 km ...
Answer: Hello... Dear in first trimester,it is advisable to avoid travel,but in unavoidable circumstances,please consult doctor before travel
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Question: What is advised, to travel by 12 hour train or 3 hour flight ?
Answer: Hello dear. Both are safe. If your pregnancy is not having any complication then you can do either of them. Take the lower birth in train and carry food and water from home. And if by flight carry all the medical docs with you while travelling. Hope it helps.
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Question: Is it ok to travel in 33 or 34 week of pregnancy by train about 13-14 hours? By train or by flight which should be preferred?
Answer: Hi dear, it become more complex to travel in third trimester, you will not be allowed to travel in flight during your 33 -34 week pregnancy. In flight, it is better to travel till 27 week or before 27 week, post that airline will ask to get fit to travel certificate from your doctor. Every airline has their own guideline so plz go through that before booking. So safest option is train but do consult to your doctor.
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