33 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello. I am in my 32 weeks of pregnancy I have taken a scan recently BPD-77mm FL-61mm HC-293mm AC-255mm Liquor volume is adequate. AFI-12cm and Foetal weight-1650gms is this Normal?

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Answer: The baby weight in 33 weeks should be around 2100 gms. Please take good food.good luck
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Question: I today my scaning report came, Bpd-92, fl-70, hc-327, Ac,-308, liquor volume is mildly increased afi-15, foetal weight 2.7kg. In this everything is normal or not please reply me fast
Answer: Hi, you have mild increase of amniotic fluid.it is nothing serious. An AFI greater than 20 or 25 is used to diagnose polyhydramnios. but since your afi is the normal range it is normal. all other parameters are for to determine normal growth of fetus.
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Question: Hi. I am 32 weeks pregnant. My scan report of baby growth is BPD is 80mm, HC is 288mm, AC is 256mm and FL is 59mm. Cephalic index given as 78%. Is this normal for a 32 weeks pregnant lady.
Answer: Don't stress too much. If any problem doctor would have told you. I request all expectant mothers not to post such things as all babies grow different. There is nothing called ideal measurements. This may cause stress in some mother's due to their baby being behind or above the measurements.
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Question: 30 week scan report... (BPD=77MM) ( AC=257MM) ( FL=56MM) Foetal weight =1516Gm .. is everything good???.
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal.
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Question: My 33 weeks scan report has BPD,HC,AC,FL :-2137 gms. So is this my baby's weight?
Answer: Yes dear this is your baby's weight.. 2.1kgs.
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