7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am in my 5week of pregnancy. I had cramps and pain so Dr. suggest Me To go through sono . in sono only gestational sac is their which is very small 7.2mm.and thier is no fetal pole and cardiac activity plz reply I am so worried last Year I had my misscariage of 20 weeks

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Question: in my 7 week u/s small fetal pole seen.but in 9 th week no fetal pole and no cardiac activity . gestational sac measures 19 mm.is it possible
Answer: hi dear! then the 7th week scan must be wrong dear. did you take the scans from different places if yes then it could be one of the reasons dear. right now there is no fetal pole or cardiac activity then dear you will have to abort dear. at 9th week you can try with medicine but you should do a scan after taking medicine so that we know there is no residue inside . take care dear.
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Question: Hi i am 5.2 week pregnant i did ultrasount no fetal pole is visualized as well as no cardiac activity only gestational sac is seen is it ok
Answer: Hi! If you have been to Doctor for the USG at 8 weeks and only gestational sac is seen without fetal pole, there are chances that the Doctor might ask you to do a Transvaginal Ultrasound or another USG as this could be able to detect the fetal pole. Its normal in many pregnancies, dont worry do as the Doctor say. Good luck!
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Question: My report No e/o fetal pole/cardiac activity .They said gestational sac i appear but no fetal pole. Please reply on this.
Answer: Hi dear, Congrats for your pregnancy.. I think you have late conception.. Fetal pole will be seen generally at 6-10 weeks.. Please wait for 10 more days and go for tvs scan.. Hope for the best.. Don't take any stress
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