5 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello.. I am 4week, dr suggest to have sysfol active and gestofit Sr.. can I start having these tablets or it's too early to have tablets??

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Answer: Please follow as per your doctor.
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    dance steps198 days ago

    Worried because taking tablets in early 1st would be fine?

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Question: Can we start having the medicines : Doxinate and folvite after 7 week pregnancy or it's too early?
Answer: You can have dominate only if your vomiting . If you are not vomiting no need of dominate.. folimini you can start having .. I started to have folimini at 6 week
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Question: Hello dr it's my 18 weeks and i am suffering from constipation whenever i am taking iron tablets what i have to do piz suggest me
Answer: Hi congrats for your pregnancy. Do it worry, constipation is common during pregnancy. But iron tablet is also necessary. So never stop it without concern from. Your doctor. I will suggest eat small meal, plenty of water. Do not take heavy meal instead of that take small meal in frequent time. Eat fiber rich items. Avoid bread moida, eat vitamin C like fruits lemon orange. Don't sleep after meal, do some walking. I am sure it will help you. And most most importantly drink plenty of water. If my answer helpful to you please marked it helpful. 😘
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Question: Hello,,,m 1 month pregnant and my doctor put me on high risk pregnancy and my doctor gave me progestrone in 2 tablets like gestofit 300 mg sr and duphaston so will it ok to take these medicines or not? Bcz i have read so many side effects of these two tablets,,,so plz guide
Answer: Dear.my doctor had also given progesterone tablets during my 1st month of pregnancy. Generally progesterone tablets are not harmful and good and compulsory during pregnancy. I was taking susten sr200 which is also progesterone tablet. Just consult your doctor once.
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Question: Hello Dr. I am nine week pregnant and i got tired too early and feeling weak .
Answer: Hello dear... Tiredness is common issue, because body is traveling through new phase, follow these remedies it might be helpful for you... Have a nutrious diet, it also include fruits and veggies Drink more water Have good sleep Practice pranayama Have healthy snacks option like dryfruits, nuts
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