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Question: hello i am asking this question again... please tell me the purpose of evening primose oil ... em having them for concieving with letrozole .... is it helpful ......... please help me out.. what else i can do tht i can concieve easily... em having follic acid tablets n calcium tablets as well

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Answer: hi dear! sorry for the delay. primrose oil can cause uterine contraction so it should not be used beyond ovulation. letrozole will help with the ovulation dear. and its better if you take them till the time your doctor might have prescribed and this is around 4-5 days. you will have to continue folic acid and you cannot take calcium now. it should be started from 2nd trimester onwards dear. take care.
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Question: hello Dr Priyanka Patel.. sorry for disturbing you again and again... you asked about the medicine dr prescribed me...... they are u progest 200mg, follic acid tablets and D.B.C .... along with them she gave me two injections.ome was vitamin K and other was inj ferti c 5000 iu..the problem i am having is spotting from 4 days... em 5 weeks pregnant.... please help.....wht should i do to keep my baby safe thanks alot...
Answer: Dear Are you mild diabetic? DBC is a diabetic supplement. Protest is your progesterone hormone.--200 mg one tab Folic acid will be a 5 my tab once a day Vit-K has been given to stop bleeding. Fertic5000iu is your hcg pregnancy hormone which helps to stblize placenta. Now we are only left with an usg if it is also clear and no minimal clot accumulation or blood seen nearing placenta then everything is normal do not worry. You are taking all important medications. With diabetes a little bleeding problem is there but vit-k covers that up. Not to be worried now. P.S:- you can disturb me anytime I am here to help you ease your worries. Do not hesitate in personally asking me your doubts, questions, suggestions. Take care.
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Question: hello.... i want to know the purpose of evening primose oil??? is it good for conception ??? em try to concieve n my dr prescribed me tht with letrozole 5mg daily... please help me ................. what other steps can i take for concieving..... em having follic acid tablets n calcium tablets aswell
Answer: Hello dear. Evening primrose oil helps in getting pregnant. And accordingly letrozole does the same. For conceiving it is important to know when do you ovulate so your ovulation occurs 14 days before your next due periods. If your periods are due on 28th of the month then ur ovulation occurs on 15th of the month and your fertile days would be 13th to 15th. Hope it helps.
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Question: My baby is 1 n half years old now. Our area is infested with mosquitoes.. she keeps having the bites n swollen skin cos of that. Since its very hot here we are unable to wear a fully covered dress for her. I keep applying coconut oil but once the oil wears out the same prob starts again. Is there anything I can apply to help protect her?? She itches it to the extent, the skin peels n gets wounded. Please suggest a remedy.
Answer: Odomos lagaye jaha mosqito bite kare waha vinegar soda lagaye
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