9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 8weeks 3 days pregnant but in my ultrasound baby is showing 6 weeks 3 days.is that a problem also I have a mild cyst in my left ovary is there any thing to worry about.

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Answer: There is nothing to worry about the ovary cyst or about the weeks because you actually do not conceive on the date of menstrual period for the actual calculation is done in the ultrasound
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Question: My doctor said that I have ovarian cyst problem...is there any complications in my pregnancy???
Answer: I also had ovarian cyst issue. For some people it will be a hurdle for conception. But not for all. If ur periods is normal, then no problem. But diet has a major role. Pls avoid junk foods, over cooked foods, dairy products, white sugar, tea coffee, maida items etc.. after several treatments for 4 yrs, everything ended up in failure. Only after naturopathy treatment, I conceived in just 2 months.
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Question: Hi mam, I am 17 weeks pregnant.i have a watery discharge since 3 days.is there any problem
Answer: little bit of watery discharge is normal in pregnancy it will not harm the baby don't worry just check if it smells bad then it could be yeast infection
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Question: Hello..I am having pain in my vaginal region intermittently since 2 days.is it something to worry about?
Answer: Dear it happens as pregnancy grow because of baby's pressure so please don't worry about it at all and always keep a pillow under your legs while sitting that will help you get relief but if the pain is high or severe then do get it checked by doctor please..
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