7 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello I am 7 week pregnant.. i need to help which position is best for sleeping

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Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy the best position to sleeping during pregnancy s left side...it ll increase the amount of blood and nutrients that reach the placenta nd ur baby...keep ur legs bent nd a pillow between ur legs.
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    Anuja Sonawane146 days ago

    But i have back problem so can i sleep on back for some time

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Question: i m 10 weeks pregnant,, my problem is sleeping position... i know that during pregnancy, the best position to sleep is on the left side,, but during sleep if i sleep on my back or on my stomach, then is it dangerous for my baby or not...?? i suddenly wake up many times during sleeping because of the sleeping position tention..
Answer: Hi, the best sleeping position during pregnancy is sleep on side, even better to sleep on left side.in early pregnancy you can sleep on back and on tummy till 14 weeks.but after 14 weeks better to lie down on side, will increase the blood circulation between placenta and baby.keep your legs and knees bent, and put pillow between your legs.take care
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Question: Which week is best for c.section delivery
Answer: Hello dear ... baby will fully develop till 37 weeks of pregnancy. At that time baby lungs also develop. Now you can do c section. .
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Question: Hello doctor which is best feeding position
Answer: Hello dear you should set you feeding position according to you and your baby. Put a pillow under baby than you should give feed .
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