8 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello i am 7 week pregnant... Doctor suggest some blood tests to me.. Like thyroid hb etc. Are these important?

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Answer: hi dear , yes they are very important at this time... cause thyroid,hb level can control your pregnancy... so follow your doctor..
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    Hiithko Ghuh741 days ago

    Ok sis. Thnku

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Question: After tiffa at 20 weeks my doctor didn't suggest me any tests like quadruple, gct, thyroid, etc am 23 weeks pregnanct now, my visit to doctor is on nov 14th, do I need to get some tests done in between? Gct, blood, urine n thyroid tests were done in first trimester. When do I need to get them done again?
Answer: You should get them done again whenever your doctor advises. Please understand that your doctor is the best person for consultation as he/she has complete knowledge about your medical history. Learn to trust him/her. If you are not able to trust him, then it is better to change the doctor.
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Question: Hello, is it important to do Various tests(blood test, thyroid test and other) before conceiving...
Answer: hi dear! so before getting pregnant we have to be sure you have no problem in the body so that treatment can be given to you and there wont be a problem with the baby. if you have thyroid problems then it will for sure affect the ovulation only(release of egg) and therefore if you are trying for long it can be due to the thyroid problem. you might require vitamin d3 and b12 test as well. also a rubella igg just to see if you were vaccinated for it. so do the test as they are very important to plan for any treatment. take care dear.
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Question: hi today third day of period.... went to doctor.. c asked to do blood test like FSH....LH....thyroid...prolactin......I have pcos....how these tests are helpful....
Answer: Ur third day after a month u missed ur period...is it correct...Dr. advice this test to check hiv thyroid and other necessary things to prevent the complications during pregnancy if the results are not normal they provide the medication to avoid risk of miscarriage or risk in pregnancy.. I also have done all these tests..hope I helped.. tc..
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