9 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello, i afraid of my excessive weight gain. wil u please suggest me how can i limit my weight?

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Answer: in pregnancy there are other reasons of sudden gain migght be sugar or thyroid. make sure they are normal in range. then limit the intake. dont eat big amount in one go raher small meals multiple times.
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Question: How to avoid excessive gain of weight
Answer: Avoid excessive sugary or fatty foods as these contain empty calories and, although tasty, don't help keep your weight stable.Eat lots of fruit and vegetables with lean meat or fish.Remember that potatoes and bread are not fattening until you put butter on them.Brown or wholemeal bread is more filling than the white variety, as is brown rice compared to white.Alcoholic drinks are best avoided as they are not recommended for either mother-to-be or baby – fruit juice with sparkling mineral water is a good alternative.If you feel an attack of the nibbles coming on, opt for dried fruit and a glass of water, this will help fill you up and avoid constipation, which is a common side effect of pregnancy.
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