10 months old baby

Question: hello hi I am pregnant and my baby is 10 month old so what suggestions would you give to me what should I do for this please suggest me something as soon as possible

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Answer: hi if you are pregnant with your second child , and your first child is about 10 months old . Plan accordingly so that you can take care of yourself and the 10 month old kid too. If your first baby was a normal delivery then there will be no complications in your second pregnancy . if you had C section earlier then you might need to consult the doctor if a gap of just 10 months is sufficient for you to be conceived again with your second child . Prepare yourself mentally to accept the forthcoming ways to handle both kids . if you had C section earlier then kindly check with your doctor if you scars and the stitches are ok to go for the second pregnancy
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    Swati Singh232 days ago

    Ya i had c section and physically and mentally not prepare for this.so can i take pills to terminate my pregnancy

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    Shobana vigneshwar232 days ago

    You can consult ur doctor and discuss about this

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