10 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello having readymade juices like tropicana etc is good for health during pregnancy

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Answer: Canned juice is not good for ur baby because of preservatives and artificial flavours.better to avoid.drink only natural juice.
Answer: Hi,dont drink readymade juice ..drink only fresh juices...its more effective thn readymade
Answer: Try to avoide preservatives it may have chemicals... Its not good for u n ur baby
Answer: No it contains preservatives . It will be good if you take fresh juices
Answer: No , natural unprocessed ,food is the best
Answer: Better try homemade instead
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Question: hello is having readymade juices are good for health during pregnancy
Answer: no dear as they contain lots of sugars n preservatives
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Question: During pregnancy v can use tropicana juice is it good for health
Answer: Hello dear It is safe to drink tropicana juice in pregnancy. But try to avoid packed juices and can drink fresh juices.
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Question: Can we take Tropicana juice during pregnancy, is it good for health or not?
Answer: No, packed food isn't safe as they contain flavouring agents and preservatives. I usually avoid.
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