31 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello Having back pain... And feeling little pain like period.. It is normal na???

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Answer: Hi yes its quite normal in pregnancy. For back pain avoid standing or sittingbfor long, and also majntain vorrect posture while sitting and standing. Hot water compress will help you get relieved from back pain.
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Question: Hi, From morning sometimes I am feeling a little pain like period. It is normal na?
Answer: Hi dear. As your uterus is stretching to accommodate the baby's growth, its normal to feel mild pain in the abdomen. If the pain is severe than normal period cramps, consult the doctor
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Question: hi m feeling little stomach pain and some period like feeling on vegina.. m 10 week pregnant is it normal
Answer: Hi! Abdominal pain is pretty common in pregnancy especially in your first trimester. Due to the stretching and growing of the uterus, ligaments and muscles that support it also stretch causing pain. You can sit down for a while, lie down on the opposite side where you have pain and put your feet up. You can have warm water baths to ease the pain. Don’t worry it will be fine. If you have excessive pain or bleeding please consult your Doctor.
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Question: Is it normal to have a little pain while having deep penetration,,i have pain feeling like penis is hitting somewr and feeling pain ,is it normal
Answer: Hi dear it happens but make sure such pai. Should go after having relationship . It shouldn't be continued. And the pain should be bearable types. U bearable and continuous pain can led to a infection
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