Few weeks old baby

Question: Hello guys... Cn anyone told me tht how cn i clean my baby's tongue n even teeth?... she's 11 n half month old

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Answer: take a wet cloth n wipe tongue gently n use ur fingers to clean baby teeth , toothpaste not recommended
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Question: How should i clean my baby's tongue
Answer: Take clean clothes Wrap around your fingure and dip it in warm water And gently put it in your baby mouth and gently rub and take out your finger like a c position so saliva and white substance will come out with your finger
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Question: How can I clean my baby's tongue??
Answer: Hello dear. Take a piece of cotton or wash cloth and soak the edge in a glass of lukewarm drinking water. Wrap it around your finger and gently put your finger inside your baby's mouth and clean the tongue. Wipe the upper and then the lower gum pad as well. Take care.
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Question: How can I clean my baby's tongue?
Answer: Hello! Please avoid cleaning the tongue of so small baby. It might lead to infections, hence please avoid. Take care
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