37 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello frnds I am having amniotic fluid index 20cm during 8 th month of pregnancy is it dangerous

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Answer: Amniotic fluid level is quite hi Aisa weeks of pregnancy which may lead to delete the labour for baby me not fixed position for normal delivery. If baby's growth is normal as for weeks of pregnancy then after 36 weeks in time you can plan you delivery to avoid any effect of high amniotic fluid on baby.
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Question: How I increase my amniotic fluid level... What is normal points of amniotic fluid points... I am 26 weeks pregnant
Answer: Dear afi 8-18 is considered as normal.median afi level is approximately 14 from 20 -35 weeks, when the amniotic fluid begins to reduce in preparation for birth.when afi less than 5-6cm considered as oligohydramnios. please drink plenty of fluids like butter milk, coconut water, juices.better to start taking L arginine sachets daily.keep lie down either on right side or left side to promote more blood circulation to the baby helps to improve amniotic fluid levels.take care
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Question: I am 9th month pregnant amniotic fluid level is 20.7cm is it dangerous for my baby pls. Reply
Answer: Congratulations for pregnancy dear ur afi s high as it should be between 11 to 14 .maxium it should be under 18 .ur afi s 20.7 high afi csn cause premature contractions, longer labor, difficulties breathing, and other problems during delivery as its not safe for baby too .so dear take less liquids in diet, go for walk ,do yoga nd exercise ,take rest nd if ur dr suggest u medicine for high afi u can take it too take care ..
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Question: I am having amniotic fluid 20cm is it dangerous
Answer: Chances of normal delivery is less as baby will keep floating in high amount of fluid. Don't eat Excess salt..tk care. All the best.
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