40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello friends today was my due date but after meet with doctor he said that my baby is in transverse position. 😢. can i turn my baby from transverse to normal position. plzz suggest if any exercise so that i can turn my baby.

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Answer: If your baby stays in the transverse lie position, your doctor may offer to turn your baby by hand during a procedure called external cephalic version (ECV), after 36 weeks. If this is successful, you can wait for labour to start. If not, your doctor will recommend a planned caesarean as it won't be possible for your baby to be born vaginally. You may also have extra care in the final weeks of your pregnancy. About one in 300 babies remain in transverse lie by the time of birth.
Answer: consult..dr.
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Question: My doctor has said that if my baby lies in transverse position then he will go c section for delivery ... I want to know details about transverse position ..
Answer: Transverse means , baby is lying horizontal in stomach. It should be vertical and head down position.
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