2 months old baby

Question: Hello friends!! My son is 1½ month. His weight is 3.32 Is it normal?

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Answer: Yes its fine...Babies vary in shape and size as much as grown-ups do, and how much weight your baby gains each month can vary depending on factors like genetics, how much she's fed, and whether she's getting breast milk or formula. For example, exclusively breastfed babies typically gain weight faster in the first two months than formula-fed babies. Here are some rough guidelines you can use to gauge that your baby's on track: • Till 1 month - Remember that most babies lose some weight during the first few days of life, but usually regain this weight over the next few days so that within a week to 10 days they're back to their original birth weight. • 1 to 4 months: Babies usually gain 1 1/2 to 2 pounds and grow 1 to 1 1/2 inches each month • By 6 months: Most babies have doubled their birth weight. • By 12 months: Most babies have usually tripled their birth weight and will have grown 9 to 11 inches from their original birth length. • By 24 months: Most babies have quadrupled their birth weight and will have grown 14 to 16 inches from their birth length.
Answer: Hello! Please let us know the birth weight of your son. Ideally there should be 30 gms of weight gain per day. As per that the increase in weight should be 1350gms. If the weight increment is as per this, then it is absolutely fine.
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    Nagashree R S1018 days ago

    Birth weight was 2.6 nd he had got surgery of pyloric stenosis 2 weeks back due to dat he decreased weight for 2.4. Now he is gaining weight.

Answer: Wat s his birth weight
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