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Question: hello friends.. my baby is 74 days old. His navel cord fell off after 21 days of birth, but till now we see some yellow liquid coming out of it. Doctr told to co tinue with Nemocin powder.. but seeing it is socking each day. what it could be and any cure? pls guide

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Answer: hello.. dear dont worry that is normal and common.. sometimes in some babies it will take lot of time heal the navel area..As the cord is separating, and for a few days after it comes off, the umbilicus can look raw and sticky. There may be some discharge (yellow to dark brown), which may smell strange. This is normal and it doesn’t need any special treatment. All you need to do is keep the area clean with normal washing or bathing and dry it carefully. Fold the top of your baby's nappy back, so that the cord is not covered by the nappy. Do not bandage it or put any antiseptic lotions or creams on it. dont worry as per your doctor suggestions you can put that powder.. it may take some time to heal.. not to worry dear..
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Question: My baby's umbilical cord fell off today but it is still not dried and little pus is coming from stem...please guide me how to take care of it nowonwards..my doc has given an ointment to apply there
Answer: Dear no need to put ointment. Same issue I had with my kids. Smelly pus will come. Don't worry. Do this as suggested by my doctor. Boil half cup water. Add 1 teaspoon salt. Completely evaporate water. Then you get pure white white very fine Salt paste. Apply it on that pus area after bath.While bathing apply oil on that pus area so that water will not retain there. Within 3 days it will dry.Try and give feedback. Please mark my answer helpful if it helped you ...
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Question: Hi doctor, my baby is 2 weeks old. I can see traces of blood around her belly button. Her cord fell off 5 days back. Is it normal or should I consult a doctor.
Answer: Yes it is absolutely normal to see some strain of blood there.it should dry in few days.as long as there is no swelling or redness around the area,not to worry.algough to heal it faster ,avoid the area to get wet,and you can ask doctor to give neosprin powder.it helps alot.
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Question: My baby is 15 days old and his navel just fell off two days ago but still today I can see little blood around his navel and it's smelly. Is it normal?
Answer: It takes time to get dry. U can do some home remedy for it. Take warm water and add rock salt to it n let it dissolve. Now u take a little cotton n dip it into the salt water and apply to the navel. Repeat this atleast 2 to 3 times a day. And continue daily unless n until it gets dry. By dng this it ll get dry very fast may be within 2 to 3 days. Hope it's helpful.
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