27 weeks pregnant mother

Question: hello friends mujhe aj morning se headache ho Raha h Kya karu pls help me

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Answer: Make time to rest, and try to stay relaxed. At work, find somewhere to put your feet up and relax during your lunch break. Once you’re home, try to cut down on chores. Relaxation techniques such as yoga ormeditation may also help.Try to have a regular sleep pattern. Getting too little sleep, or even half an hour more sleep than usual, can trigger migraines or headaches. If you’re suffering from insomnia, try a natural remedy.If your headaches are related to muscle tension or posture, you could see a physiotherapist. A physiotherapist can massage and move parts of your body to relieve pressure, and show you exercises to do at home.Eat little and often to keep low blood sugar levels up, and don’t skip meals.Exercise regularly, but don’t push yourself. Keeping fitmay reduce how often and how severely you have headaches. Exercise helps to balance your blood sugar levels and improves your breathing. It also triggers your body to release feel-good chemicals, called endorphins.Try acupuncture. It's a treatment that's considered safe and may help your headaches.
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Question: Aj morning se mujhe movement ni feel ho raha h kya karu? Tension ki baat h kya
Answer: Have something sweet and lean back in your comfortable posture.. and wait for movements.. you are going to feel it don't worry
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Question: Hello friends mera 9wa month chal raha h or mujhe bahut sujan ati h or weekness bhi bahut fil hoti h me kya karu pls help me
Answer: Don't sit or stand for long hours. Take rest. Keep a pillow ur legs so a bit heighted. As u r near ur delivery so these things will come.
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Question: mujhe bahut headache ho raha h iske liye kya karu...
Answer: Hi dear, Headache Kia wajah se ho Raha hai,Janna zaroori hai. Kai Baar sinus ki issue se ho Sakta hai and Kai Baar migraine se. Aap steam leke Dekh Sakti hai. Khuli hawa me sair Karne se bhi releif milta hai. Dust ,Kadi dhoop aur pollution se door rahe. Apni little finger ke tip ko press Karti rahe.headache Kam hota hai.paani ki kami se headache ho Sakta hai. Adarak daal ke strong tea pijiye.
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Question: Hello! I'm 31 Week pregnant, mujhe 3din se abdomen and sides me pain ho raha h.. Kya karu plz help..
Answer: Urine complaints hai kya... Drink lots of water and count baby movement properly if less than 10 per day contact obstetrician immediately...
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