17 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello friends I have doubt..... one of my small sstrs beat on my belly unknowingly..but I haven't any pain or other prblms.. is it effect my baby.. ??

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Answer: Hello! Thats absolutely fine and nothing to worry. Your baby is in much protective environment and this all will not effect unless and until it is a huge blow... So relax.
Answer: no if dr is no pain dr is no problem...however visit ur doc n get ur babys heartbeat checked thru doppler
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Question: Hello friends.. Am 36 weeks pregnant now. Doctor gave delivery date for july14 but ystrdy when i went to chck up doctor adviced to admit on june 30 bcse baby is small in size.. No other prblms rather than baby size.. Doctr shld wait until pain comes r till the date they gave na.. Is this normal or any other reasons
Answer: Hello, In 37 weeks pregnancy Doctor can suggest for delivery by normal or ceserean due to babie's small size.Although some babies are small because of genetics (their parents are small), most SGA babies are small because of fetal growth problems that occur during pregnancy. Many babies with SGA have a condition called intrauterine growth restriction. IUGR can begin at any time in pregnancy.
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Question: Friends i slept on my stomach for 20 minute but I didn't have any pain is it ok or I have to consult with doctor
Answer: Hi dear, if there is no discomfort then u should not worry. If baby has usual movement then no worries. Take care
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Question: today suddenly i dashed my mother in law unknowingly it will hurt my baby ?but I don't have any pain
Answer: Hii .. Don't worry U r not having any pain ...solo U have to abserve the baby movement alert on that ...OK Dashing is not give problem for baby ...forcefully or vegerous dash only irritate the baby .... Soo don't worry Actually amniotic fluid is helps for controlling all those things
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