Few days old baby

Question: Hello friends...i had normal delivery 10 days before..aur mera urethra se bleeding ho rhi h..and i am having pain also...what could be d reason

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Answer: hello.. dear bleeding after delivery is common and normal.. dont worry.. in few weeks the bleeding might stop.. generally after delivery during bleeding you will have pain due to the clots of blood..
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Question: I feel Dipperssed i had c section 18 days before what can be d reason
Answer: Hi dear,..., This could be postpartum depression,which is common post delivery.seek help from psychiatrist.thy help in counselling and provide antidepressants to help you out.meanwhile ,relax and take help from parents or in-laws.ask them to help you handling baby .if you feel like crying,donot stop it.it is a natural stress releaver.go more morning walks ,ask your hubby to look after your baby for that moment.listen to your favourite music while breastfeeding or taking care of baby.try to rest when baby is sleeping.you have seeked help that is the first positive sign of the issue.donot worry it needs little time.all mothers get frustrated.try some deep breathing exercises to relax.meditate whenever you get time.inform about your feelings to your close ones too.call your friends and spend some time.
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Question: I had normal delivery in the month of November but till now I am having pain in my hip bone. I am unable to sit straight and also for long time. What could be the reason
Answer: Hi dear, your hip bone pain is not because of your pregnancy. During pregnancy as we gain a lot of weight and Central gravity also shifted, wrong sitting and sleeping postures during this time responsible for this pain. Consult a Doctor take proper medication and you may need to take some physiotherapy to cure this problem. Take care.
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Question: I had normal delivery on 13th feb and had episitomy stitch but my pad is having blood stain in front part and i am having stingy pain also...what could be the reason
Answer: Episiotomy cuts are usually repaired within an hour of the baby's birth. The cut (incision) may bleed quite a lot initially, but this should stop with pressure and stitches. Stitches should heal within one month of the birth. These tears generally heal quickly and cause little discomfort. A typical episiotomy or second-degree tear which involves skin and muscle, requires stitches and usually heals in two to three weeks. (The stitches dissolve on their own during this time.) so dont worry this is normal..
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