12 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello friends.. I am 12 weeks pregnant.. When I had my first ultrasound in January at 8weeks.. There was a collection in my uterus of size 15mm.. And after 12 weeks ultrasound it says perisac bleed inferiority measuring 25X10mm. ..can anybody tell me what is my situation.. Anybody who has gone through same.. Is there anything to worry about.. Can it lead to miscarriage or C-section.?? Please help

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Answer: Please go for other doctor second opinion, because injections have more power than tablets. Actually bleeding will resolve soon.. No threat to baby.. Same happened to me, I started strone injection weekly, the bleed resolves on its own. Take care.. Full bed rest helps.
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    P T83 days ago

    Actually I have not even bled once.. Nor the perisac collection is dissolved.. So that is my concern. 🙁

Answer: Did they given you any weekly injections or medicines
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    P T92 days ago

    Yes I was taking folic acid and progesterone tablets everyday.. But no injections. 🙁

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    Satya Raman91 days ago

    For bleeding they will keep progesterone pills and also injection once in a week is advisable.. Not an serious issue don't worry

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    P T63 days ago

    Had my scan today.. The perisac collection is resolved 😊

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