40 weeks pregnant mother

Question: Hello friends I am really new to this I just found out two days back that I'm pregnant so my first question to u ll is which is the most crucial trimester in terms of diet and pregnancy health Also can anyone help me wth a diet chart Thankyou

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Answer: Congratulations dear, yes first three months are imp, this should be your concern, take folic acid on a regular basis, have healthy diet, don't travel too much, you can work but with care, in second trimister things will be more smooth, and go for checkup, doc will do first scan in 7,8 weeks to check fior heart beat, that's the first step
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Question: Anyone had two c-sections? Just found out I have to have a second one and I'm really nervous. Do they just go over your old scar or do you have two? Is recovery harder the second time??? I have a toddler too - yikes!
Answer: Dear trust me you have gone through it once you be faster the second time in terms of recovery. My sister in law had 2 cesarians and it went absolutely fine. They cut on the same scar from your first cesarian. And please do not be nervous at all. Everything will be absolutely fine. Hope it helps.
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