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Question: Hello friends, I am 20 years old happy girl who enjoys eating food of all variety. I am bit heavy and my parents are always after me that I should join gym or yoga to become thin. I ahve no interest in all these and I am ok the way I am but I want to keep my parents happy too. what should I do.

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Answer: Hi, it was so nice to read your question. It is great to hear that you are happy the way you are.Dear, there are couple of things that you can try which are very intresting ways to do exercise and you do not have to try very hard. You can enjoy these exercises. have you heard about zumba and aerobics? They are really very good ways of staying fit and healthy. When you join an aerobics or zumba class, it does not feel that you are actuallly doing any exercise. You can also think of joining a dance class. If you enjoy dancing then it is an awesome way of staying fit and healthy. when you join such classes you will make your friend circle. You will yourself get the motivation to get ready for such classes. Getting involved in some form of sports like basketball, volleyball is another way of getting into some form of exercise.
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    Aishwarya Kuppannagari370 days ago

    Great answer I really appreciate it mam

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    Supriya Parkhe231 days ago

    Hello dear, it's a growing age as you said you're 20 and you love the way you are that's good. You can try Zumba it's a fun way to loose your weight, and a regular exercise is necessary for our day to day life so you can stay healthy😊so go for it

Answer: Hey love! As your parents are right, but you don't have to be thin what you need is to be fit not so thin not so fatty. And doing gym and yoga is our personal choices and if you don't like it you don't have to do it, I have got this recipe from mum to stay fit and to loose weight that is : in the morning before eating something, boil one glass of water add a piece of ginger , squeeze half lemon to it and add one tbs honey and drink it in the morning. You'll be benefitted and will see other more results like glow in your face🤙😇❤️
Answer: Your parents are right at their placr but if you are not wiling to do yoga or otr things ...u can have herbal life products that wil help you maintain balanced weight and you wil stay healthy and hapy and your parents wil also be happy...message me to know more
Answer: you can lose weight by doing yoga... or you can drink mama earth apple cider vinegar that will increase your metabolism and it will help you to lose weight
Answer: Hyy girl try zumba or aerobics u also loss weight for doing this. Its not complsary to go gym..try to avoid junk food and take health diet.
Answer: Try to add ginger in your foods and drinks
Answer: You can join shri shri yoga class daily
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