4 months old baby

Question: Hello friends, after my delivery i loss my weight very much & became very thin, pls give me suggestion to increase my weight, im feeling very bad impression

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Question: How to gain weight after delivery i had normal delivery pls suggest me i became thin
Answer: Hi dear don't worry some ladies usually gain weight after delivery if you are not gaining weight it was that your family heridity because if your family members anyone person don't have high weight that you will show impact on you and also to increase your body weight you should take more nutritious and healthy food you should take at least five to six servings everyday I had more minutes grains in your diet you can take boiled chickpea lentils Mondal everyday take more vegetables and Green Leaves that helps to increase the weight and also make you very strong
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Question: I am a one year old baby son. after 8 month delivery I have thyroid increase the weight. so pls tell me the suggestion of weight loss
Answer: Hello Weight gain during ur pregnancy is natural. But after delivery it is a trauma to get back to who u were. Best and most effective method of doing it is breast feeding as it is known to burn alot more calories than anything else keep ur self hydrated. Have a balanced diet. You can also try hitting the gym or aerobics it's a nice boost of endorphins. It helps u with ur mood elevation. Hope I helped.
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Question: Hi ... After delivery iam became very thin wat can I do pls suggest me
Answer: Hello dear... Since your breastfeeding, you won't have that much weight gain, but once you stop breastfeeding, you will have normal weight gain, so don't get worried, include these foods in your diet will help... Whole grains Fruits Veggies Dry fruits Meat Milk Ghee Butter Paneer
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